Class 5 and 6 Production of Matilda

On Tuesday 19 March, Classes 5 and 6 staged our production of ‘Matilda the Musical’. The children were amazing and the performance was magical. We are so proud of each and every child; the acting was superb and the songs were especially terrific.

Well done Classes 5 and 6!

Art Prefect Review by Aida

For the class 6 and 5 play, the class 6’s had to draw the cardboard letters and then paint them. We also learnt a new way to draw the letter ‘N’ with Nicki’s help. The class 5s’ also made the cardboard letters interactive by figuring out that you could stick Velcro to the ribbon. The class 6s’ even made boxes that spelled ‘MATILDA’ and at the same time spelled ‘WORMWOOD’.

Music Prefect Review by Honor

I felt that the songs were the highlight of the production!  We all had to learn lots of lyrics for the songs and  some complicated choreography.  Some of the songs involved singing really really quickly such as ‘The School Song’ and ‘Revolting Children’ which took a lot of practise to get right.  We all enjoyed singing and had a lot of fun doing the play.