At Cameron Vale School, our children thrive in a happy, vibrant and caring environment. As a small school, we provide a tailored education, with a drive for success and maximising potential.

We have high expectations of our children: the challenges that we set show them that we believe they can achieve them, instilling the confidence and ambition to do so. We place great importance in kindness and respect being mutual. The children are well versed in the school’s moral code; they both abide by and appreciate it.

There is a tangible buzz of positivity at Cameron Vale School, which emanates from children, teachers and parents alike. We pride ourselves on our strong sense of community, where parents are encouraged to take an active part in their child’s education. Cameron Vale was founded over thirty years ago and we now have great pleasure in welcoming second-generation pupils.

It is not just the academics that are impressive here but also the experiences that our children will take away with them. We have a great deal of fun here, whether in the classroom or playground, on the sports field, during one of our educational visits or many themed learning days.

We make memories at Cameron Vale School – and they are happy ones!

Bridget Saul


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