The history of Cameron Vale School – and its dynamic approach to education – begins in the passion of its founder, Josie Cameron Ashcroft.

Visitors crossing the threshold today will see a school bursting with creativity, aspiration and intelligence. This is a school serious in its educative intentions, with the highest of standards, which still brims with its original founding joy.

And so to its founder and proprietor, Josie Cameron Ashcroft, who burst into London, from Dunedin, New Zealand, in the 1970s, with a backpack on her back and an irrepressible passion for education in her soul.

From the start of her teaching career, Josie was compelled to banish the dreariness and scariness of schooling, bringing colour and warmth and drive and belief into the classroom, for every child.

First Josie founded the Cameron Learning Tree, which inspired diverse children to give their all and to flourish beyond their parents’ imaginings, and this became Cameron House School, acquiring its current enchanting premises in The Vale in 1985, through Josie’s extraordinary optimism and refusal to take no for an answer!

Now Cameron Vale is an established, successful, much-loved and unique London prep school, still buzzing with the optimism and drive of its envisioned founder and proprietor, its success perhaps engendered by the combination of her notorious optimism with love, passion and unswerving commitment.

‘I always saw the best in every child,’ Josie explains. ‘I saw his or her uniqueness and amazing potential. I wouldn’t countenance being defeated by a problem; I knew that if I explored all the creative ways of teaching and getting things across, every child could achieve the necessary literacy and numeracy skills.’

And so, over forty years later, the founder’s zeal bubbles in colourful and inspiring classrooms, where children learn to love learning, to treat others with kindness and dignity, to give their all. They are taught by inspiring and dedicated teachers in small classes, enjoying a plethora of sporting, academic and creative activities, their horizons expanded by the cultural opportunities of London. And these children, just like those at the start of the journey, are motivated to give everything, to be the best they can be, going on to prestigious secondary schools, to top universities, and to extraordinary careers,
conventional and unconventional.

Meet old Cameronians: tv producers, financiers, singer-songwriters, auctioneers, helicopter pilots, fraud investigators, art dealers, mountaineers, business leaders, psychotherapists, to name a few