Last year we introduced seven new Learning Friends connected to our Cameronian Qualities. Our school councillors then suggested three new Learning Friends to join our team, and last year, incorporating the British value of Democracy, we named our three new Learning Friends: Storm, our Husky representing Sportsmanship, Lexi, our Fox representing Perseverance and Copper, our Dog representing Kindness.  Below you can meet our ten Learning Friends.

Every week, those children who have demonstrated a particular CQ are awarded the corresponding Learning Friend in assembly.

Sparky the Creative Dragon

I am on the lookout for originality and flexibility of mind. I like to spot people looking for different perspectives, giving novel ideas and view points and people who can think laterally to solve tricky problems.

Benzi the Collaborative Elephant

My name comes from a Zulu phrase meaning ‘working together’. I love finding collective solutions and compromise when it is appropriate. I show empathy to my friends and try to understand their feelings and points of view.

Curly the Courageous Lion

I am willing to take carefully judged risks. I have strong self assurance and face problems with resilience. I show initiative in my activities, I don’t wait to be told what to do, I can be independent.

Marty the Curious Meerkat

My favourite thing to do is to ask questions starting ‘where, when, who, how what or why?’.  I love to investigate, explore, learn and discover new things.

Gaze the Critical Thinking Gorilla

I pay attention to the detail to avoid silly mistakes, showing good focus. I can concentrate for hours and I also show good judgement. I think carefully about what I’m told before I decide what to believe.

Ivy the Reflective Owl

While I perch on my branch, I like to ponder and consider the methods and approaches I have tried, analysing both the successes and the failures to make the most of my potential.

Snowball the Ambitious Penguin

If anyone puts in effort it’s me. I have a desire to aim high and set clear goals. I want to be the very best one can be and whatever I put my mind to.

Storm the Sportsmanship Husky

I love all sports and I’m super fit. I love to compete and I know that without my opponent, there is no game so I respect every player. When I play in a team, I forgive my teammates for their mistakes and I celebrate their successes.

Lexi the Persevering Fox

I have determination and I love a challenge. I’ll stick with a problem, even if I find it hard, and maybe I’ll look for other ways of doing things when I face obstacles.

Copper the Kind Dog

I am friendly, generous and caring to all my friends. I love to help the world, one person at a time and I make an excellent listener.